Poetry, Music, and Love


We all have talent, including myself, in a number of different areas. Most of which stays untapped until a point in time where it (the talent) begins to take root, blossom take form and then bloom, if we work at it. So it is with me! Whatever ability and talent I've been graced with as a poet, playwright, performer, producer, director, radio host or as a speaker is the end result of acknowledging that ability and then working with it to give them breath and life. Knowing that there are far more creative people than myself, yet at the same time pushing myself to be the very best that I can be for me and for those to whom I have an obligation. Speaking of obligation, the number one obligation a creative person has to their craft (as far as I am concerned) is to love it for what it is not how we are measured. To be creative is to weather many a storm. Loving what it is we do, as creative people, sees us through many of those storms.

Clyde A. Wray